Can I have the private treatment within NHS?

As has been outlined in other sections one of the benefits of seeking private medical insurance is the wealth of choice it opens up. This is because it should be seen as something that can run alongside the NHS rather than replacing it altogether (some budget insurance packages will make the NHS necessary for certain things, for example). But there are certain procedures that the NHS can provide privately and if you are in need of specialist care following treatment or a consultation with a private specialist then you may be referred for private treatment within an NHS hospital.

If you are being provided with private treatment in an NHS hospital you should be covered in exactly the same way as receiving private treatment at a private hospital. In some ways it can be beneficial to receive private treatment within the NHS for various reasons, first of all because the private treatment offered can come at a lesser price than the private treatment offered at a private facility. Secondly, reversing the point-of-view, it can be of great benefit for the NHS to receive the money that you are paying for private care.

And receiving treatment in an NHS hospital will not mean you will be provided with a lesser service either, with the National Health Service well equipped to deal with all kinds of medical emergencies and staffed with highly qualified specialists. The only way in which patients might notice a difference is in relation to the luxuries offered at private practices such as en-suite private rooms, internet access, televisions and others, which are not normally on offer at an NHS hospital. There is also a greater demand for NHS treatment, meaning that there could be a longer waiting list for the procedure that you require.

If you require a procedure that can only be carried out at an NHS hospital you will have various options in regards to payment. Clearly you will be able to make a claim on your private medical insurance if the details of your policy permit it (you should always check this), and should you wish to, but you also have the option of paying for the procedure yourself. It is always important, of course, to be clear on the details of your policy so that you know your options in advance.

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